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PID Loop Simulator - Features & Testimonials

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The video below shows the features of this tool and illustrates how to use the tool for loop tuning.

Features at a Glance

PID Loop Simulator Features

Features in Detail


We are grateful to the following users who have sent their testimonials on the previous version of this tool. Users have also made great suggestions on the features.

If you like this tool, a short testimonial would be highly appreciated!

Testimonial received from Mr. Paul Singh, Chevron Corporation, Houston:

"The most user friendly and easiest to learn PID Loop Simulator!!"

Testimonial received from Mr. Michel Levesque, Sr I&C Tech., Tetra Tech Industries, Canada:

"I think "Advanced PID Loop Simulator" is an invaluable tool for anyone who wants to do loop tuning. This workbook application is simple to understand and very easy to use.  I was also surprised by how well they respond to their customers needs.  Their support team is very helpful and they always listen to my suggestions.  Well, I'm very glad to help make this great workbook application even better.  In my opinion, "PID Loop Simulator" is by far the best solution for loop tuning simulation."

Testimonial received from Mr. Tony Wylde-Browne, Senior Engineering Support Specialist:

"A clever spreadsheet for demonstrating PID and determining tuning parameters. Very effective training aid with sufficient flexibility built in to allow students to grasp the concept and witness PID loop response in a simulated environment, as well as the ability to generate suggested tuning parameters for tuning PID loops. Thanks Nitin appreciate your assistance”.

Testimonial received from Mr. Martin Kenkel, Germany (also see his testimonial for the System Identification Tool)

"The PID Loop Simulator should be mandatory for schools / training centers!!"