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Loop Drawing Generator

This tool generates a set of drawings in a single PDF file from tabulated loop data and a loop template. The output file includes a cover page and a table of contents. It also generates a summary report of all terminations and highlights duplicate terminations and duplicate instrument tagnames/control system tag names.

Note: This software is supported on Windows machines only. Other Operating Systems such as Mac are not supported.

Sample Inputs and Output

The following figure shows a sample of the input (click on it for a larger view). The pdf file for this input can be downloaded here, the termination report can be downloaded here. 

Excel Loop Drawing Generator

The figure below shows a sample page of the loop drawings generated.

Sample Loop Drawing


  1. Customised templates can be built if required. Please email sales@xlncontrol.com for a quote.
  2. The tool uses macros, the code is not protected. The worksheets are not protected either. The user is free to reverse engineer the tool and modify it to suit her/his requirements.
  3. The tool was built using Excel 2010. For Excel 2007 users - this app may not work by default because 2007 does not have the 'Save as PDF' feature. To get this feature, you have to download the add in from the Microsoft website at this link.


Testimonial from Mr. Garrick Hill, Electrical/Instrument Engineer, Calvert City, USA:

"NICE; great for quick jobs."

Testimonial from Mr. Kjell Johansen, HvamTek, Norway:

"I have already created loop diagrams for around 120 loops, and am stunned with the the quick and easy creation of drawings from the worksheet holding the design data."

Testimonial from Mr. Mike Bernard, Process Training Manager Trinova, LA, USA:

"We are very impressed with the loop drawing generator, and happy with the ease of use and results!" 


Price: US $ 99 (Licensed to a single user)

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Refund Policy

We are confident that you will find this app very useful. If, however, you are not satisfied with it for any reason, please email sales@xlncontrol.com within 30 days of the purchase for a full refund of the purchase price. A short note describing the reason for the disappointment is optional, but would be appreciated.